Nadeem Asrar

Professional Experience

Nadeem Asrar is a Senior Database Technologist with over 15 years of experience in working on various flavors of Databases and Database Management Software – MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 UDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Hadoop HBase and AWS Redshift. I am located in Austin, Texas.

My Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Engineering. But I’ve always had passion for Databases and have worked as a Database Professional since graduating from college. I’ve worked as a Database Administrator, DB Developer and Programmer, Database Architect, Database Engineer and Manager of DB Engineering for the majority of my professional career.

If you’re having any database related issues – performance, scaling, tuning internals at an OS or dbms level, then I would not mind helping out either.

In general, I’d love to hear from other Database enthusiasts on what’s on their mind!