Professional Experience

Nadeem Asrar is a Senior Database Technologist with over 18 years of experience in working on various flavors of Databases and Database Management Software – MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 UDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Hadoop HBase and AWS Redshift. I am located in Austin, Texas and currently work as a Senior Manager of Database Engineering.  

My Bachelor’s degree is in Computer Engineering. But I’ve always had passion for Databases and have worked as a Database Professional since graduating from college. I’ve worked as a Database Administrator, DB Developer and Programmer, Lead Database Architect, Lead Database Engineer and Senior Manager of DB Engineering for the majority of my professional career.

If you’re having any database related issues – performance, scaling, tuning internals at an OS or dbms level, then I would not mind helping out either.

In general, I’d love to hear from other Database enthusiasts on what’s on their mind!