Austin Texas – Tech City?

Austin had made it to the list of the top few cities that Amazon had been looking at getting its HQ2 set up in. Sure it didn’t make it to the one or two cities chosen as its HQ2. Long Island area by New York City and a Washington DC suburb were chosen by Amazon.

But today Apple Inc. announced building a 2nd Headquarter in Austin Texas!

From looking at the various news sources and Apple’s own website, it is evident that Apple plans on, roughly, doubling the number of employees in Austin from 6000 to 12000 in 2 years when this new HQ is built out. And eventually get to 15000 employees in Austin. Making it the largest private employer in the city. 

The planned site will be 1 mile from the current Austin office of Apple. This will be a 1 Billion dollar project to build out of 2-2.5 years.  I can not wait to see what impact this has in real estate in the North Austin area in the next couple of years.  

More on this news from Apple can be found here:

This news interestingly comes within less than a month after Resideo Technologies (Honeywell IT) decided to set up its headquarters in Austin:

The CEO of Resideo explained his reason for choosing Austin: 

“Resideo is a leader in smart home technology through our 100,000 professional contractors in the ‘do-it-for-me’ channel,” said Mike Nefkens, president and CEO of Resideo. “Austin has a rich history and is packed with creative energy, making it the perfect fit as we merge the 130-year heritage of Resideo’s Honeywell Home brand with next-generation technology to simplify the smart home experience.”

This has me thinking, about the various reasons why so many Tech companies move to Austin, the Live Music capital of the country.  This has in particular gained momentum as of late. Across many Tech companies, and by tech I mean not just IT but semiconductor  (think AMD, Samsung, ARM, etc.), Telecom (AT&T, Verizon etc.) , computer (Dell, HP etc.) and electronics manufacturing (Dell, HP, Texas Instruments, 3M, etc.)

Here is the list of top employers in the Austin area currently:

The reason for why so many of these companies are here or are setting up HQs here in Austin, has to be the reasonable cost of living, the low crime rates, the low taxes on companies but most of all the very rich talent pool in Austin. I feel like Austin Texas has a lot of potential as a city that can truly continue to be the Silicon Valley of the south. This has me very excited about what else may hold in the future for our beautiful city in terms of growth and prosperity for all Austinites!

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