Different Database Backup Methods

Physical Backups:

– Copies of physical database files or binaries

– Two ways to perform physical backup: 

  (A)- PostgreSQL pg_basebackup or MySQL percona xtrabackup or Oracle rman

  (B)- OS utilities – for eg. rsync 

  (C)- Hosting provider specific for eg. AWS RDS or EBS Volume Snapshots

Logical Backups:

– Copies of the data structures such as tables, stored procedures, triggers, indexes, sequences, users, etc. 

– CSV or other data extracting tools 

Some use one of the as the main method of backup and the other as a supplemental way to backup the databases. 

Others use both methods. 

Which one to use? 

– Depends on the size of your data 

– My recommendation is that for bigger sizes (100GB or more) prefer to use Physical DB backup methods because it’s faster to backup and much faster to restore

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